Fishing/Fisheries department

The SINAY company offers extensive expertise in the various fishery activities :

  • - Boarding professional fishing vessels
  • - Scientific fishing campaign or fishery campaign
  • - Biologic and economic activities' surveys, from sea fishing until landing
  • - Exploitation of sea food
  • - Selectivity of fishing gears
  • - Mitigation of incidental catches





Scientific observations on commercial fishing :


The implementation of scientific observation programs on fisheries allows to collect fisheries data in French, EC and international waters.


Through the years, the company has also implemented these types of programs :

- Staff recruitment and training, until 30 scientific observers

- Organization of boarding logistics, depending on exploitation ports, forward bases and fishing strategies

- Communication with fisheries' professionals

- Data entry and quality control

- Feedbacks and reports for the customers


During these programs, our management teams pay a particular attention to :

- The achievement of the sampling plans' objectives

- The respect of data collection scientific protocols

- The security of at-sea observers

- The control of data quality


Thanks to the achievement of programs like OBSMER, FILMANCET, monitoring of bluefin tuna fishing, etc. for organizations like DPMA, IFREMER, CNPMEM, we have developped an important network within fisheries sector : offshore weapons, fishermen, producers' organizations, fisheries committee and DDTM.





Fishery resources :


The study of fishing resources is at the core of SINAY's sustainable development approach. The strong socio-economic challenges attached to these resources' exploitation lead to the need to acquire, analyze and use fishing resources data.


Whether through environmental impact assessments or through strategies for sustainable use of resources, we provide the following services :

  • - Scientific fishing campaigns for fisheries resource' assessment
  • - Fishing data collection when fisheries products' unloading (ex. : SIH IFREMER)
  • - Incidences' evaluation of a project about fisheries resource
  • - Expertise and advice to implement resource management measures 
  • - Eco-certification





Fishing socio-economic surveys :


The various actors in the field of fisheries are regularly contacted by various public and private entities to realize studies. As part of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), professional seafarers participate in concerting arrangements linked to large development projects  (ex : offshore wind park, installation of tidal stream generator, etc.). Socio-economic surveys allow particularly to define indicators on fishery activities, to assess maritime projects' impact on fishing companies' competitiveness, and to identify least stressed areas. 


Throughout the studies we have realized, the SINAY company collected testimonies from professionals using several methods :  

  • - Creation of closed-ended or open-ended questions' surveys, in order to achieve client's objectives and to get comparable data
  • - Creation of maintenance guidelines for various categories of actors (fishermen, auction room managers, wholesalers, public entity referents, etc.)
  • - Identification of the sector's actors or of geographical focuses and selection of the most significant interlocutors to get results
  • - Data collection taken from questionnaires, in order to perform statistics and define indicators necessary to an overview of the situation
  • - Conducting of semi-structured interviews
  • - Search for information from seafarers in order to synthesize and transmit an empirical knowledge to various types of audiences


These are examples of works we realized thanks to socio-economic surveys :

  • - Socio-economic surveys, as part of Fisheries Information System (Système d'Informations Halieutiques - SIH) for IFREMER
  • - Socio-economic surveys to answer the Call for Expressions of Interest, for the installation of tidal stream generator in the Raz Blanchard site
  • - Realization of market studies about cockles and other professional shore fishing products, made for FranceAgriMer, working directly with CRPMEM and CNPMEM





Impact assessments on fishery resource, fishing and aquaculture :


During marine environment impact assessments, SINAY assists you about Fisheries Resources and Professional Fishing Activities aspects. These studies are mainly performed for maritime development projects, as offshore wind park, tidal stream generators, granulate extraction, dredging of sediments or port extension works.

During these provisions of services, we draw on our expertise on :

- Assessment of fishery resource 

- Achievement of socio-economic surveys

- Conducting of marine environment impact assessments

We can assist you during the whole phases : initial state and sensitivity, project incidences and impact assessments, definition of evasive, reduction and compensation measures. Throughout the project, we facilitate communication with seafarers and the structures representing them.


For example, we can list the following projects :

- Prior impact assessments of the installation of a demonstration unit of tidal power generators, in the Raz Blanchard, on fishery resource and fishing activities 

- Establishing compensation measures (artificial reef) for fisheries, following port of Cherbourg's extension works

Acoustic impact assessment of port of Cherbourg's extension works on Saumon de France's farm.





Market studies :


Various sectors of French aquaculture or fishery can currently face difficulties to place their products on the market. In order to improve their positioning, a specific tool can be put in place : market studies. This type of study enables to understand the economic environment in which an activity, a service proposal or a product evolves. In the long term, this work allows to propose actions and strategies to develop, in order to strengthen and improve the market available to the maritime community's various sectors.


The SINAY company achieves complete market studies, ready to be used by the members of the fisheries community's various sectors. These works have various categories, allowing to make a precise examination of production, sales, trading, strengths and weaknesses of the sector or product. The main themes composing our market studies are :

  • - A precise description of the sector or product covered in the market study : key features, production methods, format of sale, etc.
  • - Purchasers' profile (primo purchasers and main channels of sales' portrait) and consumers' profile (age, geographic distribution, consumption mode, obstacles and drive to purchases, etc.)
  • - Comparative analysis of product competitiveness or analysis the sector with its main competito
  • - Clear summary of the market state based upon the demonstration of product or sector's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • - Search for innovative options allowing to better adapt what aquaculture or fishery sectors provide, on the request of primo pruchasers and/or consumers
  • - Proposal of strategic actions to improve sales, positioning and competitiveness of the sector or target product