Underwater Acoustic department

SINAY Company offers a range of services in underwater acoustics sector :

  • - Underwater noise of anthropogenic and biological origin monitoring
  • - Environmental noise study
  • - Acoustic propagation modelling
  • - Noise mapping
  • - Acoustic effects' prevention
  • - Underwater noise reduction measures
  • - Acoustic impact assessment on marine fauna
  • - Cetaceans' vocalizes Identification
  • - Real time Cetaceans' Detection (PAM : Passive Acoustic Monitoring)


The company's offerings aims at fulfilling industrial groups' needs, protected marine natural areas' managers' needs, and that of public utilities in charge of environmental status of seas' assessment.




Modeling and acoustic mapping :


Modelling and noise mapping are analysis techniques allowing to anticipate and model a project's noise impacts.


The company has developped a modelling and noise mapping tool : OceanNoiseMap.

It allows to predict noise levels generated by human activities and to get a noise map.


The SINAY Company uses acoustic modelling in order to :

- Evaluate ambient noise in a zone

- Estimate the impacts generated by a worksite or a human activity 

- Estimate the impacts on marine fauna 

- Test worksite management or sound reduction scenariis

- Monitor noise indicators, within the framework of MSFD


This tool's users are :

- Marine Renewable Energies sector's companies, in order to assess the potential impacts of their marine fauna project

- Offshore construction companies, in order to assess noise generated by their construction activities and to optimize their methods

- Shipowners, in order them to know their ships' noise footprints

- Marine areas' managers, in order to map underwater noise and take management measures 





Acoustic Monitoring :


Underwater noise is now recognized as an indicator of the environmental quality.

Tracking system through passive acoustics, which is provided by SINAY, can be used in several cases :

- Cetaceans' acoustic detection

- Characterization of background noise in a given zone or production of an initial state

- Noise levels' monitoring generated by a worksite, as a wind park building or a port extension  

- Efficiency tests for noise reduction systems (ex : bubble curtains)

- Noise indicators' monitoring, as part of the MSFD

- Determination of a ship's radiated noise


The SINAY company has appropriate tools, tailored for different types of projects :

- Hydrophones with an acquisition chain for one-off measures

- Cetaceans automatic detectors, like C-PODs

- Acoustic recorders to carry out measures over long periods

- Acoustic buoys with processing and transmission of real time information


Data are analyzed with innovative softwares developped by our company.






Underwater acoustic impact assessments :


Underwater acoustic impact assessments allow to evaluate a project's incidence on marine fauna, and then to offer compensatory measures, noise reduction devices and monitoring programs.


To complete these acoustic impact assessments, we use :

  • - Modelling and acoustic mapping
  • - Acoustic monitoring
  • - Environmental data on marine fauna


We achieve the delivery of this type of services for every kind of activity :

  • - Port extensions
  • - Marine Renewable Energies
  • - Chantier offshore
  • - Oil seismic activities
    • - Dredging





Noise reduction devices :


After identifying a site's risks, the SINAY company lends its expertise to offer schemes or methods to reduce acoustic impact on marine fauna. We can help you to determine the most appropriate tools for your projects :

- Cetaceans scaring devices or pinger

- Assistance with work planning during low risk periods

- Using of noise reduction systems, like bubble curtains

Monitoring through passive acoustics and modelling in real time







Expertises and consulting :




We offer expertise and advice linked to underwater noise issues, on several levels :

- Technologic level, such as choosing a type of hydrophone, buoy or noise reduction system

- Methodologic level,  such as producing methodological guides, sizing an acoustic 

array for monitoring MSFD's noise indicators or for monitoring a zone

- Legal level, such as expertise on guidelines, interventions in expert working groups : CBD, Accobams, Ascobans, CMS, UNEP MAP, etc.