SINAY is already 10 years old

This year, SINAY is already 10 years old! Let's take the opportunity to do a little retrospective.

In 2008 by Yanis SOUAMI creates SINAY in Caen. So we have a design office specializing in the marine environment. In 10 years, SINAY has grown and developed faster and faster. Today, the company has in addition to its headquarters in Caen an antenna in Lorient and an antenna in Brest. We can also take as indicator the number of SINAY employees:

  • In 2012, SINAY already has 10 employees
  • In 2016, SINAY has 20 employees
  • Since mid-2017, SINAY has more than 45 employees

Today, SINAY is composed of different centers to propose to answer the needs of its customers:

  • Environment Pole
  • Underwater acoustics pole
  • Halieutic pole
  • Innovation pole

In parallel, SINAY is developing AIMS, the Big Data platform for the marine environment. This platform stores and analyzes various data from many sources (buoys, radars, database, etc.). It allows anyone to find the marine data requested in a specific area. More about AIMS features on our dedicated website!


We will celebrate our anniversary with our employees on February 15, 2018! This is an opportunity for us to gather the entire team, which is partly dispatched on the Bayonne coast in Cherbourg. Thus, our collaborators will be able to meet the whole team of SINAY.

Let's go for another year!