Marine Environment Department

The SINAY company has extensive expert knowledge about marine megafauna : recognition of species at sea, thorough knowledge of their biology and ecology, especially regarding acoustic aspects of their biology and ecology. The consulting company conducts aerial and ship census programs at different scales : local (for instance, the Raz Blanchard, in North Cotentin), national (one or several French seaboards), or international (for instance, in the Pelagos Sanctuary, in the Mediterranean).

The field team collects data about the presence and distribution of marine mammals, birds, turtles, tuna, sharks and rays' species. These data are used during different types of surveys : Naturalistic inventories, impact assessments, incidence studies, stock assessments. 

Marine environment impact assessments

A marine environment impact assessment is a regulatory file, necessary to the growth and approval of development project at sea.


Our experts can accompany you to conduct every assessment phase :

-         Initial state, when the area's sensitivity is determined as regards every theme (marine fauna and flora, habitats, economic activities, etc.)

-       Then, an identification of the project's effects is realized for each theme. Effects and sensitivity's analysis enable us to determine impact levels of the project as well as impacts combined with other activities.

-         Proposal of evasive, reduction and compensation actions

-         Assistance during public inquiries


In order to offer whole environmental impact assessments, SINAY society's teams are based on a multidisciplinary approach, including expertise on fauna, flora and habitats, underwater acoustics, as well as geophysics, geotechnics, bathymetric surveys and seabed photography.