Application fields

Our provision of services and innovations apply to the themes of Renewable Marine Energies, fisheries, port activities, oil activities and military activities.

Fisheries / Aquaculture

Fisheries and aquaculture represent an important economic sector of French and EC production, as well as of transformation until distribution.


For several years, the sector has been tending more and more towards sustainable fisheries management. These issues, linked to fishery resource preservation, lead different bodies to launch programs of observation and fishery resource estimation, as well as projects to improve fishing gears' selectivity and fishing strategies. Market studies are also regularly launched, so as to find strategies improving seafood products' positioning. Multiplication of maritime space uses becomes  also problematic for fishermen activities, who share their working space with boaters, renewable marine energies, marine protected areas, etc.


The SINAY company realizes various works in the fisheries sphere for many companies and public entities :

-         Program of fisheries scientific observation

-         Campaign on fishery resource 

-         Socio-economic studies

-         Impact assessments on fishing and fishery resource

-         Market studies 


These are some works linked to fisheries sector, which have been realized by the SINAY company (mettre le lien à chaque fois) :

- Realization of market studies about cockles and other professional shore fishing products, made for FranceAgriMer, working directly with CRPMEM and CNPMEM

- FilManCet Program

- ObsMer Program 2010/2011 and ObsMer Program 2014/2017

- Data collection, as part of fisheries information system « atlantic coast »

- Acoustic impact evaluation of aquaculture extension works in the roadstead – Proposals of protection measures

  - On-board observers on ships used for towing of bluefin tuna cages, in the Mediterranean (2013 – 2017).