Application fields

Our provision of services and innovations apply to the themes of Renewable Marine Energies, fisheries, port activities, oil activities and military activities.

Marine Protected Areas

In order to maintain biodiversity in a sustainable way, in all its forms and in all its parts, many measures for marine environment and coastal conservation are implemented. The creation of spaces dedicated to the protection of biodiversity and natural ressources has been one of the implemented means. These spaces are called marine protected areas (MPA) and can take various forms : nature conservation areas, marine national parks, national decrees for biotope protection,  Natura 2000 offshore zones, etc. Reconciling patrimonial and economic aspects, MPAs' delimitation is based on socio-biological inventories (species dynamics, use of marine space, human settlement, etc.). Once established, monitoring actions are implemented to evaluate impacts on marine populations and environment quality. The SINAY company involves in these key spaces' definition to preserve a marine biodiversity in good condition.


The services we propose on this theme are :

-         Marine mammals monitoring

-         Sea birds monitoring

-         Benthos monitoring

-         Seagrass beds monitoring

-         Fishery resource monitoring

-         Water quality

-         Sediments' quality

-         Acoustic monitoring

-         Acoustic mapping 

-         Fisheries impact assessment

-         Practices analysis : socio-economic surveys

-         Natura 2000 survey

-         Environmental impact assessment