Application fields

Our provision of services and innovations apply to the themes of Renewable Marine Energies, fisheries, port activities, oil activities and military activities.

Renewable Marine Energies

For several years, maritime space has become a challenge territory for electricity generation produced from renewable energies. Many tenders and calls for expression of interest have been issued by government to develop French offshore energy mix.

We assist RME actors during various phases :

-         Answer to tenders and calls for expression of interest

-         Realization of regulatory studies

-         Monitoring of the environment, prior, during and post works


Our services in renewable marine energies' application field are :

-         Feasibility studies for your projects

-         Estimation of sites' potential for wind turbines or tidal stream generators' installation

-         Regulatory files 

-         Environmental impact assessments

-         Acoustic impact assessments especially acoustic mapping

-         Works' acoustic monitoring especially with the acoustic buoy SIAM

-         Socio-economic surveys

-         Impact assessments on fishery resource and fisheries

-         Aerial or embarked observation campaigns

-         Studies on mammals and sea birds

-         Benthos studies 

-         Water quality and sediment quality studies

-         Bathymetric and geophysical surveys

-         Geotechnical studies

-         Environmental monitoring of sites under construction and exploitation

Development of R&D programs